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GAN356 Air UM

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GAN356 Air UM

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GAN356 Air UM, based on its preprocessor, their "Gan356 Air U", which is still a world-class cube. Each cube is put together by hand, only the magnets takes about 3 hours for a skilled technician at Gans to assemble. All Magnets are glued with a special glue from Tamiya, then allowed to dry for 24h before the cube is assembled.

As for the cube itself, it can be described as light and airy, without losing the quality feel in the plastic. The Corner cutting is of course high class and finally, this speedcube is really fast.

The idea of ​​this cube is to create a world-class cube where the users themselves does not have to be a cube modeling expert to enjoy a next-to-perfect cube.

Included in this box is their GES components, which can be simply described as a nut with a spring. With this smart invention, you can adjust the tension of the cube in a completely new way (with their included tools) without disassembling the entire cube. Which opens completely new opportunities for you to optimize the cube in a way that suits you.

By default, their Purple G9 is assembled, it's their softest setting and it's set after professional speedcubers, recommendations. Included in the box is a cubing bag in matching light blue color (see the last picture).