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ShengShou FangYuan

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ShengShou FangYuan 3x3

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The ShengShou FangYuan is a fast sandy cube with a half bright sticker set. The cube has a stable and airy feel to it. Even thou this is a new and improved cube from ShengShou it contains nothing we haven’t seen before. FangYuan does have a lot of nice features like a 2nd torpedo on the edge pieces, anti-corner twist design and anti-friction tracks on edge and corner pieces. This cube does have some spring noise but that´s easily fixed with some speedlube. Corner cutting is about line to line and has a snappy feel. This is a great cube considering the price tag, some speedcubers even compare this cube to the Valk 3, YueXiao and GTS.

Size: 56,5mm

Weight: 89g